Useful Questions Answered

What time should I arrive at Crufts with my dog(s)?

It is advised that you arrive to the show between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. After this time the traffic to the show becomes very busy and it is best to arrive early so that you may settle the dog on its bench. Please allow an hour to get from the car park to your bench in the mornings. There are shuttle buses from some of the car parks and the buses also take dogs. However, a walk from the car park provides good exercise for your dog.

Car Parking

Exhibitors can apply for a car park pass on the entry form for which there is a charge. Otherwise, you can pay on the day you arrive. Dog exhibitors are encouraged to park in the South or East Car Parks as first choice.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please ensure that you bring:

• Your own dog bowl and water - this is essential

• Grooming brush

• Blanket for the bench

• Passes

Can I get to the NEC on the train with my dog?

Yes. Birmingham International Station is situated two minutes from the NEC.


Please never leave your dog alone on the bench, and also take care of any items of value.

Where can I exercise my dog?

There are specific exercise areas (filled with wooden chippings) and it is expected that all exhibitors clear up after their dogs in all areas. There are bags available for the removal of waste in all areas of the halls.

Are there vets at Crufts if I need assistance?

There is a large veterinary team on site for the duration of the show. There is no charge for any emergency treatment. Please also be aware that their role is not to administer any treatment for pre-existing conditions, but every patient is well looked after!

Where can I groom my dog?

You are able to groom your dog near to the benching area, but please make sure that you do not block any walkways. There are also specific areas signposted for breeds that require extra grooming. Please be sure that you are aware of the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations on grooming of dogs for show purposes , including clearing up any grooming waste.

Ring Stewards and additional help

The group stewards can be recognised by their green blazers and steward badges. They are in each hall and they ensure the smooth running of the judging in the rings and are also there to assist exhibitors to find their rings and appropriate benching. They are also there for any emergency situation.

When can I leave the show?

There is a set time of 4 p.m. which all exhibitors can leave the show. Early removals are only given in exceptional circumstances.

What happens if I win Best of Breed?

You will be told by the steward to report to the Arena collecting ring by a specific time. The Group stewards can also help you.

Once you are in the Arena, you will be told how the Group judging will proceed. You will also have your photograph taken which will appear on the Crufts results website for historical recording.

Please ensure that you allow time to get to the Arena and take all your luggage with you. You will be allowed to have one extra person in the collecting ring only. If you have any other guests, they will be able to watch in the Arena free of charge on every day except Sunday. If your dog wins Best of Breed on the Sunday, then two guests will automatically be issued with two Best In Show tickets.

Where do I collect winners’ money?

Prize money will not be paid at the show - it will automatically be sent to winners within 30 days of the show.

What do I do if I have an entry query at the show?

If you have any queries or problems during the show, Dog Exhibitors’ Enquiries is situated in the Organiser’s Office in Hall 3 and is there expressly to help you. Please tell us at once if you think something is wrong. We are there to assist and are anxious everyone should have a trouble-free and enjoyable day.

Crufts Overseas Exhibitors Guide