Judging Programme - Other Disciplines

Crufts 2014 judging list for other disciplines

Obedience Championships Mr N Slater
Obedience World Cup Mrs S Henstridge
Agility Championships Mr T Quinn
Flyball Mr H Campbell
Agility Mr I Mallabar

Miss H Saunders

Inter-Regional Obedience Mr J Verrill
International Junior Handling Competition Dr T Jakkel (Hungary)

Gamekeepers' Classes

Mr T Bailey

Gamekeepers' Classes

Mrs C Wilson

Gamekeepers' Classes

Mrs C Wilson
Breeders'  Competition Dr P Dondina (Italy)
Junior Warrant Final Mrs C Molinari (Portugal)
Heelwork to Music
1st Judge
Ms P Draper
Heelwork to Music
2nd Judge
Ms M Vans Hees (Belgium)
Heelwork to Music
3rd Judge
Ms V Richardson
YKC Stakes Mr F Kane
Pets as Therapy Stakes Finals Mrs R Sporre-Willes (Sweden)
AV Import Register Miss A T Haapaniemi (Finland)