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Eukanuba World Challenge


Carmen Navarro (Spain) Liz Cartledge (UK) Jean-Jacques Dupas (France)

Finals Judge

Laurent Pichard (Switzerland)

He owns the Very Vigie Kennel. He is the only breeder to have had two World Challenge winners (with Very Vigie Vamos A La Playa in 2007 for the inaugural year in Long Beach and last year Very Vigie I Don't Know won the event in Amsterdam).


World Challenge Background


The EWC has been growing over the last 10 years and has become one of the most attractive competitions in the dog world. This year, 35 dogs coming from all over the world will come to Birmingham with the hope to win the 10th edition of the event. 11 of these countries are coming from regions where the brand is owned by Mars but despite the fact that we are not covering for the costs, they have still decided to travel far to compete.

How it all started

In 2007, it has been decided that Eukanuba will host the “Olympics” of dogs, inviting top dogs from 40 countries to compete to be named world best dog. Hosted once a year, the Eukanuba World Challenge is a unique competition designed to bring together the top winning dogs from around the world and celebrate the magnificence of pure breed dogs. Participating dogs are nominated by their national Kennel Clubs or qualified at some of the world’s most prestigious shows, and compete for the highly coveted title ‘Eukanuba World Challenge Champion’ and a Euro 7’500.- prize.
The initial vision was to give every breeder the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s most prestigious dog shows: the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in the US.
The World Challenge quickly became a no-miss event in the breeders’ show calendar.

From 2007 to 2010 the event was host in Long Beach, California.

In 2011, it moved to Orlando, Florida, following the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. It has been the home of the event for 3 years, until the brand divestiture from P&G.

As of 2014, the event moved to Europe and, for 2 years, was hosted in Amsterdam during the Winner Show. The expenses were not covered any more for regions/countries owned by Mars, but we continued to have great support from these countries and we still had participants from all over the world coming to Europe to compete. The event stayed a global competition which proves the great quality event we have been able to build over the years.

This year at Crufts, the World Challenge will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Strategic Rationale of EWC

The EWC premiered in 2007 and aimed at designing a platform for the important influencer community of top breeders.

It gives Eukanuba the opportunity to not only make a true premium appearance and get in touch w/ influencers and key stakeholders such as the FCI and Kennel Club organizations but also create awareness and visibility in this important influencer community via live-streaming, advertising and editorial coverage.

Over the past years the EWC evolved into the ‘Olympics of dog shows’ that nowadays is seen as the highlight of the yearly dog showing calendar by the top breeders worldwide who all aspire to qualify for it.

In combination with efforts like the FCI partnership and engagement at their major shows the EWC helped to change the perception of Eukanuba in the breeder world and build the equity of being the food for champions.


The FCI has been a great support for the EWC since day one. As background, the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is the world canine organisation. It includes 91 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges.
The FCI has five sections: Europe, The Americas and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Middle-East and Africa.
The FCI makes sure that the pedigrees and judges are mutually recognised by all the FCI members.
The FCI recognises 344 breeds. Each of them is the 'property' of a specific country.

Rafael De Santiago is the FCI president (with the green tie).

Roberto Velez-Pico is Rafael’s long-time partner (on the left).

He also represents the Puerto Rico Kennel Club.

Both of them will attend our dinners on Thursday and Friday.

Yves Declerq (FCI Executive director), as well as Gérard Jipping (FCI Vice-President and previous Dutch KC President) and Carla Molinari (FCI treasurer and Portuguese KC president) will also be with us in Birmingham. 

Yves Declerq Gérard Jipping Carla Molinari