Breeding for the Future Zone: Breeding for Healthy Dogs

At the Kennel Club Breeding for the Future Zone in Hall 3, dog breeders and owners can talk to veterinary advisors, scientists, geneticists and breeder specialists about a wide range of Kennel Club health initiatives.

Crufts brings together leaders of canine science and health. Visitors will find experts from the Kennel Club, Animal Health Trust and representatives from the BVA/KC Canine Health Schemes who will be happy to answer their questions.

Health initiatives available:

Members of the Assured Breeder Scheme are certified by the Kennel Club, the only organisation give UKAS accreditation to certify dog breeders. This gives puppy buyers confidence that Assured Breeders meet and maintain the exceptionally high standards set by the Kennel Club, which are in place to ensure that their puppies have the best chance of leading healthy, happy lives. Find out more about becoming an Assured Breeder, or how to search for Assured Breeders near you when looking for a puppy, by speaking to our specialists at the Breeding for the Future zone.